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90th Hunger Games
90th Hunger Games - Carnival

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90th Hunger Games - Masked Man
"People of Panem! You have all lead boring, ridiculous and pointless lives - don't you want to have some fun. Maybe, play time would be fun?" he pauses and laughs maniacally as he looks over the crowd before him. "Well. Borning lifes are over, children. Your last President is dead! From today, I am your president and from today the next Hunger Games will start!" he pauses to watch the crowds reaction. The crowd stares at the man blankly.

"Ehem! The Next Hunger Games will start. The 90th Hunger Games will begin!" The crowd erupts to shouts and screams. Even a few cheers, surprisingly. "Tomorrow, we shall begin the Reapings. Make sure to be ready, darlings." he cackles and vanishes from sight shocking the crowd.

This is a Hunger Games roleplay set in the future where a new president rules. We allow all types of text; 1 liners, para, multi-paras e.c.t. 90th Hunger Games is set in a dystopia world where 24 tributes must fight to the death in the arena. WIP

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May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!